"If there are to be problems, may they come during my life-time so that I can resolve them and give my children the chance of a good life."

Kenyan proverb

"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Report of the U.N. Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future, 1987



Since the conference will be organized as an online event, here are few guidelines:
  • each presenter will prepare a 15minute long video presentation
  • presentations will be split into "virtual sessions" with accompanying "virtual chairs"
  • all presentations will be available for viewing to all registered participants of the conference for written questions from April 7th, 9.00 AEST – April 9th, 24.00 HST.
  • all presentations will have an option for adding comments/questions from all participants from April 7th, 9.00 AEST – April 9th, 24.00 HST, and the answers would be expected during the working hours until April 10th, 24.00 HST.
  • "virtual chairs" will have the task to start the Q&A for each presentation in his/her session
  • all presenters and chairs will receive certificates for their tasks (attendance, presentation and chairing certificate) after the conference

Note! This is a preliminary list of currently confirmed presentations.

If your abstract is missing from the list, it is because the fee of the presenting author is not settled.

Engineering a Sustainable Circular Economy: Materials, Energy and Infrastructure Integration for Smart Cities and Industry
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0317 Heat Integration Targeting Accounting for Process Risks (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0024 Approach for simultaneous design of novel heat exchanger and heat exchanger networks (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0158 Numerical Simulation on Methane Steam Reforming in a Single Channel with Axial Variable Diameter Configuration Particles in Grille-sphere Composite Packed Bed (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0137 Review of Current Status of Biofuel Supply Chain in Southeast Asia (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0270 Environmental Footprint Analysis of Melamine Resin Production from Renewable Sources (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0002 Optimization of Battery Energy Storage for Solar Energy Integrated Electrical Distribution Grids (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0020 Sustainability and environmental impact assessment of metal production industries (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0030 Water Treatment in Energy-efficient Systems of Chemical Reagents and High Purity Materials Industry (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0040 The Life Cycle of the Development of Road Impregnations for Motor Transport Infrastructure (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0037 Influence of Phase Change Hysteresis on Thermal Performance of an Air-PCM Heat Storage Unit with a Phase Change Material (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0038 Improving the quality of steel and reducing CO2 emission by using steel plant waste heat (presentation uploaded)
Role of Intelligent Sensor Networks and Big Data Informatics for Enhanced Management of Urban Water and Energy Resources
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0077 Digital Water Meters Enabling Advanced Residential Customer Profiling and Water Conservation Targeting (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0056 Digital Water Meters - Their Role in Sustainability (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0027 Application of Remote Optical Sensors for Real-Time Nitrate Monitoring and Decision-Making Systems. (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0365 Water Table Depth Data For Use In Modelling Residential Building Ground-Coupled Heat Transfer (presentation uploaded)
Role of project management and geospatial innovations in smart urban development
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0313 Post-disaster Integrated Delivery of Infrastructure for Resilience (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0004 Aspects of Sustainability, for Managing Annual Road Rehabilitation Works Programs (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0059 Digital Engineering for resilient road infrastructure: Evaluating critical asset information requirements (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0057 Research on hydrogen leakage diagnosis method for the hydrogen tank in fuel cell vehicles based on support vector machine (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0295 Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) as an Alternative Building Material in South Africa: Awareness and Perceptions (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0072 Applications and climate sensitivity for a biomimetic building facade (presentation uploaded)
Measuring and Modelling Sustainable Development & Sustainability
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0126 Modelling the impact of production factors misallocation on the environmental total factor productivity of regions in China (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0290 Measuring sustainability practices of start-ups in the rag trade: Discerning hype from reality (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0092 Garden Fresh Home: Sustainable Food Production For Urban Families (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0093 Evaluation of Microplastic and Other Contaminants in the Leachates of Plastic Waste (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0067 Principles of Design for ensuring Sustainable Urban Centres (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0240 Evaluating barriers, enablers and opportunities for closing the loop through ‘waste upcycling’ (presentation uploaded)
Environmental sustainability
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0065 Optical Reflected Light and SEM Microscopy Analyses of Dust Particles Collected Near Industry (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0136 The Role of Microfinance in Reducing Restrictive Poverty-driven Healthcare Cost: A Systematic Review (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0145 Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Ground and Instant coffee (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0294 Modeling of limestone dissolution for Flue Gas Desulfurization with novel implications (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0102 Application of Life Cycle Assessment in Improving The Energy and Waste Management Strategies: A Case Study of Fertilizer Plant in Indonesia (presentation uploaded)
Smart and sustainable cities
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0042 Assessing rammed earth constructions in the built environment of the south west of WA (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0026 Proposed Framework for Assessing the Priority Location of New Medium and High Capacity Transport Stations (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0110 Fairness Evaluation During The Conceptual Design Of Heat Grids With Quantum Annealers (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0382 Reconfigurable Fast Charger System for Lithium-Ion Batteries (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0044 Smart management of a renewable energy system for railway electrification demand, hydrogen production, and cooling for climate change mitigation (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0150 Where is water being used in Melbourne households? Residential End Use Measurement Study insights (presentation uploaded)
Sustainability comparisons and measurements
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0105 Selecting Sustainable Building Materials: The Influence of Green Building Rating Systems (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0331 Preliminary Findings on Strategies of Government Green Procurement in Malaysian Infrastructure Development (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0025 Interaction Analysis of the Thermal Comfort and Green Infrastructure Through Adjusting the Olgyay Bioclimate Chart to The Local Climate (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0374 Evaluation of Spectral Sensor in Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density Measurement for Indoor Farm Light Automation (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0335 Implementation of Green Building Rating System in Myanmar: Case of Green Mark (presentation uploaded)
Waste and wastewater treatment and reuse 1
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0084 Use of Solar Thermal Energy for Pyrolysis of Waste Plastic (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0190 Techno-Economic Feasibility of Sewer Wastewater Energy Transfer (WET) System with a Dispersed Heat Pump based Ambient Loop System - A Case Study of an Office Building and Condominium in Toronto, Canada (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0198 Evaluation of Spatio-Industrial Steam demand by Spatial Production Shipment Value Estimation and Availability analysis of Steam supply from Waste Treatment Plant (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0118 Effect of Turbulence, Dispersion, and Stratification on E. coli Disinfection in a Subtropical Maturation Pond (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0288 Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal Prediction by Machine Learning in a Partial Nitrification/Anammox Fluidized-bed Membrane Bioreactor (presentation uploaded)
Energy system analysis & Alternative fuels
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0397 Energy Saving: Enhancement of the Crude Oil Distillation Unit Capacity Using Coupled Columns Packed and Pinch Technology (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0314 Winners and Losers of Energy Transition: Influence of Different Strategies in the Trading Zones of a Common Electricity Market (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0139 Energy Modeling of the Philippine Cement Sector (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0001 Process modelling of semi-batch operations in Supercritical Water Gasification of Biomass. Implications on feedstock processing and important safety issues (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0094 Multi-objective optimization for predictive quasi-dimensional simulation of spark ignition engines operating on ethanol using fractal combustion model (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0301 Well-to-Wheel analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from LPG and gasoline passenger cars based on tracking real consumption data (presentation uploaded)
Environmental policy and management 2
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0367 Constructing Future Weather Files for Building Energy Performance Simulation in Australia (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0063 Assessment of Potential Hazard of Biochar Utilised in Agriculture (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0041 Computer Quality Management of the Impact of Anti-Icing Reagents on the Environment of the Metropolis (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0210 Improvement of PLA/TiO2-Composite Film for photocatalytic VOCs degradation (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0212 Application of CCD in RSM to obtain optimize treatment of recalcitrant acetic acid in wastewater from food industry using Fenton oxidation process (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0047 Isentropic analysis and numerical investigation on under-expanded jets of supercritical fuel (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0233 Transformation towards a circular economy based on environmental goods and service – case study of polish companies
Environmental policy and management 1
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0324 Development of an Integrated Geospatial Data Hub in Bangladesh using High Resolution Imageries for Rapid and Robust Environmental Management (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0169 Role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the sustainable development of regions and implementation of the circular economy (CE) model (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0250 Basic recommendations for the sustainable use of phosphorus in Poland (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0297 Environmental Management Practices on South African Construction Projects (presentation uploaded)
Renewable energy resources 2
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0080 When a Hotspot of Wave-Power is Not a Hotspot for Wave Energy Conversion (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0132 Adaptive Evolutionary Deep Learning Method for Short-term Wind Speed Prediction (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0146 Wind energy potential reported by ERA-Interim Re-analysis dataset: A case study Samothraki Small Island (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0213 An ANN based prediction model for predicting the aerodynamic characteristics of two-dimensional airfoil for wind turbines (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0339 Potential for Wind and Solar Energy Hybrid Power Generation: The case of Brazil (presentation uploaded)
Smart energy systems
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0362 Development of a new low energy nanofiltration membrane incorporating amine-modified silica nanocomposites into a polyamide layer on polyphenylsulfone (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0106 Selection of input parameters and methods for natural gas consumption forecast and the impact of smart meters on forecasting methods (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0342 Artificial Neural Network Simulation of a Thermochemical Heat Storage Reactor (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0343 Evaluation of the effect of climate change on the energy and comfort resilience of urban buildings (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0229 Viability of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) deployment in Philippine pulverized coal power plants (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0396 Modelling demand response for creating smart archipelago
Renewable energy resources 1
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0023 Analysis of Optimal Energy Supply in the Commercial Buildings: A Herpetarium (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0107 Simultaneous production of hydrocarbons and geothermal brine from mature oil field - prospects and challenges (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0171 Multi-perspective analysis of renewable-based microgrids sustainable integration (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0216 Techno-Economic Viability of Hybrid Solar Energy Systems for Rural Health Units in Laguna, Philippines (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0341 A Novel Pricing Mechanism for Grid-friendly Sustainable Neighborhood Energy Trading (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0357 A New Multi-dimension Clustering-based Method for Planning Sustainable Energy Investment (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0304 Wind Energy in Brazil: A National Evolution Decade compared to Global Wind Development (presentation uploaded)
Water-energy nexus
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0235 Catalysing Urban Redevelopment to Optimise the Existing Use and Future Delivery of Water and Energy Services (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0174 Prediction of the Drinking Water Supply under Climate Change using System Dynamics Approach: A Case Study for the Hinze Dam, Australia (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0111 Recent Progress and Future Perspective for the Practical Implementation of Microbial Electrolysis Cell for Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Bioenergy Production (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0159 The Impact of Climate Change on the water resources of Salvador Bahia (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0275 Enabling technologies for integrated water and energy resources management in urban systems (presentation uploaded)
Sustainable regional and remote communities
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0117 Climate Responsive and Inclusive Water Safety Planning in Rural Solomon Islands – Pilot Outcomes (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0138 Using less diesel to water gardens: how community-based demand management can reduce energy in remote Indigenous Australia (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0220 An integrated dynamic assessment resource nexus tool in transition to a sustainable environment and circular economy in islands nations (presentation uploaded)
  • AP.SDEWES2020-0144 Regional Residential Energy Demand Modeling of the Philippines (presentation uploaded)

Benchmarking the performance of cities across energy, water and environment systems
related metrics presents an opportunity to trigger policy learning, action, and cooperation to bring cities closer to sustainable development.